Dubbo West Public School

Where individuals matter.

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Our Philosophy

Dubbo West Public School Preschool acknowledges that play is children’s natural disposition for learning and provide educational programs to engage children to become confident, creative and capable learners (Early Years Learning Framework EYLF 2022 v2).

At Dubbo West Public School Preschool we:

  • Acknowledge that ‘this place where we learn, play and grow is on Wiradjuri country. We respect this special country, for those who have been, those who are here and those yet to follow. (Developed in consultation with local AECG members, 2019.)

  • Create an environment that is safe and nurtures relationships that are respectful and reciprocal with children and their families.  We value a social environment, which fosters positive relationships with friends and Educators individuality, communication skills and interactions that are friendly, caring and respectful.

  • Believe that the child’s connection and sense of belonging within the family unit is one of the most important relationships in their lives.  We invite and nurture this sense of belonging into our preschool community to give children the opportunity to grow, learn and create a successful future for themselves and our community.

  • Embrace diversity and respect the cultures of each family. We invite families to share their culture and language with our preschool community building on cultural awareness in our community.

  • Support all children’s needs with an inclusive program. We liaise with support services to enhance the participation and education of all children and reach individual developmental and learning outcomes. 

  • Plan for children’s current and future learning using strengths interests and reflections.  Staff engage in self-reflection based on current research to ensure ongoing quality improvement.  

  • Recognise the significance of being in the here and now in children’s lives. We provide a variety of rich, well-resourced experiences and blocks of flexible unhurried time to explore, discover, construct new learning through play. Children are given opportunities to paint, draw, sing, play games, do puzzles, sing songs and read books. Children are given opportunities to be adventurous and creative.

  • Encourage children to grow an appreciation of their natural and constructed environment.

Children’s time at preschool is full of fun, excitement, happiness, learning and joyful memories. Each day your child will grow and learn, they may carry their knowledge in their hands, their heads or their hearts.                                              

June 2022