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Stage One - Year 1 & 2

Stage One Online Learning

Learning at home resources from previous weeks.

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Get Epic!




Animal Tales with Tim Faulkner





Teach Your Monster to Read





Reading for Fun




Study Ladder




ABCKids iView

Can be accessed on computer or iphone/iPad.

Go for wild maths! Step into the wild with dirtgirl and Costa the Garden Gnome and find that maths is hiding around every corner. These interstitials are a launching pad for maths at home or at school; an invitation to find numeracy in nature.


One two threebies! Join Boxy, Tri and Roh as they dance and bounce around discovering shapes, numbers, and fractions! There's always a new puzzle, and maybe even a watermelon slice or two, when you come to play with the Threebies! 


Numberblocks! Follow the adventures of the Numbers and learn through animation, fun songs and games! 


Pencil Pals follows the adventures of Alien, Bee, Cockatoo and Dinosaur, four pencil topper friends who learn about language, literacy and storytelling through stories they read, write and share together.